The under construction construction project at the corner of Winton and Pembroke, Melbourne, which is a major construction site for the Australian Capital Territory.

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This image shows the new concrete-clad structure that will replace the existing Victorian-era building at the site.

The new structure will be completed in 2018 and the Commonwealth Government has agreed to spend $500 million to fund its construction.

The project is expected to create around 200 jobs over its life cycle.

The $500m is being spent on a project to build a new concrete and steel tower and pedestrian bridge over the Pembrook Road Bridge.

Construction is scheduled to begin this year.

Mr Martin said the project would be a significant boost to the area and provide a boost to local businesses.

”It will provide a unique amenity for the surrounding area.” “

It will be a major economic driver for the region and also help attract new businesses to Melbourne,” he said.

”It will provide a unique amenity for the surrounding area.

“Construction of the tower, which will be known as the Westgate Tower, is expected for completion in 2018.

The cost of the $500M project is projected to be $3.5 billion.

The Westgate will be the tallest building in Melbourne’s history and will include offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

The structure will stand at 10 stories and will cost $5.8 billion to build.

Construction of a new road to link the area to the East Coast and a pedestrian bridge is also expected to be completed by 2023.