How to build a beach-front home

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In 2017, Florida’s new construction boom saw a lot of money being poured into homes that would soon become a beachfront rental destination.

One of those new homes was a $5 million beachfront home by the name of Beachwood, built in a warehouse in Orlando.

The owner of the home, Andrew Schmitt, said the beachfront location was a huge selling point for him.

“We wanted to have the most natural looking property that was going to be able to support the type of amenities we wanted to offer,” Schmitt said.

“The property had to be beautiful, it had to have a good feel, be functional, have a nice aesthetic and also be able for us to build in a beautiful location in the state of Florida.”

For more than a decade, Beachwood had been home to a few dozen construction workers, including several contractors hired from the nearby Port of Gainesville, who have worked on the site since 2009.

The beachfront property was a major selling point.

Andrew Schmit wanted to get rid of the work and build his own beachfront house, and this location was perfect for it.

The project began in 2012 and began with a small boat and a trailer.

The owners were planning on selling the land, but were unable to get approval from the county.

Instead, they hired a contractor, who has since been named “Brick and Mortar” and has done work on the property for the local government.

The work on this property was done by the same team that worked on a similar house on the beach, and is considered a “success story” for the property.

“When we did the first house, we had no idea what we were doing,” Schmit said.

“We didn’t know what the future was, we didn’t really know what was going on in the community.

We were just making money.”

As of now, Beach Wood has only two units available to rent out, which is a lot for a property that’s home to nearly 4,000 workers.

The family plans on moving out soon and building a new home in Orlando’s Orange Park neighborhood, but the construction team has been busy on the project since then.

For the last few years, they have been putting the finishing touches on the house, which will be a six-story, 200-space home, which can accommodate up to four adults.

The structure was built using “architectural steel and concrete,” and the interior has been painted in a light blue finish.

In addition to the beach house, the team also built a large swimming pool, gym and a new dog park.

Schmitt says it’s a “perfect combination of a beach and an outdoor space.”

“We’ve done a lot with the building process,” he said.

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The house is currently being developed and will be sold at a later date.

For more information, call the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity at 888-848-7270.

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