Why we need to rethink building codes to protect coastal communities

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The U.S. Coast Guard is trying to find solutions to protect a community in Southern California, including a project to build a wall on the Pacific Coast Highway.

The Coast Guard says it’s looking for ways to protect residents of the city of Lassen, a coastal community just south of Los Angeles.

It’s a complex situation with several layers, said Lassens police chief Michael Johnson.

He says the city’s public safety director is coordinating with other law enforcement agencies to assess and coordinate all the options that need to be explored, including building a wall along the highway.

It would include a barrier on the highway, but there would also be a fence along the shoreline, Johnson said.

We have to think about our neighbors, we have to figure out what our options are.

And, hopefully, we can work with them to make sure we can have a very secure, very resilient environment.