Trump says he would not veto $1.9 billion in aid for Haiti

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Donald Trump has said he will not veto a $1 billion package of relief aid for the Haitian people, a move that may be a sign of how serious his aides are about making Haiti safe for rebuilding.

In a statement Thursday, the President said he had “great faith” in the Haitian government and that the relief package was important for Haiti and the U.S. as a whole.

“The Haitian people have suffered enough and the United States should be supporting them to rebuild and create a new future,” Trump said.

“We will not stand by as they are crushed under the weight of the devastating humanitarian crisis.”

In recent days, Trump has repeatedly expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the aid package, and he has urged Haitians to help him put it into place.

Trump’s advisers are working to get the package approved as quickly as possible, and they hope to get it through Congress before the end of the year.

But the President is not expected to sign the legislation until next week, and his administration has not released any of the details on how the aid would be distributed, the White House said Thursday.

The aid will help provide food and medicine to thousands of people in Haiti, and Trump is also considering offering $100 million to the U