Trump administration aims to make sure construction jobs get done in time

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The Trump administration wants to make construction jobs happen as quickly as possible, and to get as many of them done as quickly, according to a draft memo from Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

The draft memo, obtained by NBC News, calls for an immediate hiring freeze, a hiring freeze for construction workers, and a freeze on new hiring for a year, until the federal government can finish the job.

It also calls for hiring for all new construction jobs to be exempt from overtime pay.

The memo lays out what the Trump administration is doing to speed up construction, and says the government has already begun to work with private contractors to get a handle on the backlog of job applications, which have been a major sticking point for the White House.

“While this is an interim measure to expedite the process of hiring and approving construction projects, we also believe that it will help expedite and reduce the number of backlogged construction projects,” the memo says.

“In order to expeditiously meet our commitment to accelerate construction in the United States, we have asked the Federal Government to begin the process to hire construction workers at the same rate as the private sector,” the draft memo says, adding that there are “no other measures to reduce backlogs that will result in faster and more efficient construction.”

Perez, in his draft memo obtained by the NBC News newsroom, says the Trump government will work with contractors to find ways to speed the process.

“As we move forward, we will be working with contractors and others to identify ways to expedited the hiring of construction workers,” the document says.

It adds that the White, and other agencies, “will also review the impact of the temporary hiring freeze on contractors, and will review other measures that may need to be considered to expeditiate construction projects.”

The memo, however, says that while “the federal government is committed to expediting construction, we do not expect the delay to result in a significant increase in construction activity.”

Pipeline workers, however,, will be exempt.

Pereas memo also calls on the Trump administrations “continued focus on the construction jobs” to be “transformed and reorganized.”

“The Department of Labor will work closely with the Administration on a plan to ensure that the construction industry can remain on track and jobs created by the Trump Administration are utilized efficiently and safely,” the memorandum says.

Pipelines are a major issue for the Trump White House and the White Houses push to expedites construction.

Trump has made his opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline a key part of his economic agenda.

He has threatened to cancel it and have it approved again, but has not yet made a decision on what route he will take.

Pence, meanwhile, is also calling on the federal and state governments to expeditate construction of the Keystone pipeline, and has urged a delay in construction.

The Trump administration, however has yet to release any final details of the proposal to speed construction, including how much the government will pay contractors to speed things up.

Pew Research Center found that in December, Trump’s approval rating was just 44 percent.