‘This is a wonderful invention’: ‘Fashionable toy’ construction toys to be built in Wales

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Construction toys are to be installed in Wales in an effort to provide an alternative to the UK’s rigid, metal-encased, tube-shaped buildings.

The construction toys will be fitted with solar panels to help create energy and will also feature a video camera.

The project, which will take six months to complete, is to be supported by the Welsh Government and is part of a drive to encourage new and creative ways of living.

Construction toys have become increasingly popular in the UK, with one study showing more than 2.3 million people in the country were spending £50 or more on them in 2015.

Construction models are increasingly used to build a variety of devices, from mobile phone cases to small home furniture.

However, there are concerns about the safety of building models as they are prone to being punctured by people.

Mr Gwynne said the project was a unique challenge as it would be able to create an alternative and more sustainable way of living, but the cost was an issue.

He said: “We are keen to explore new ideas for sustainable living, including building from recycled materials and renewable energy.”

The idea is to create a community-designed community building that is completely safe and sustainable, with a focus on the children and their families, and a safe and green way of life for all.

“Construction toys were created by the company Energies in 2011, and the firm now has factories in the U.K. and the U