What’s in the new $1 trillion $1,000 coin?

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The next $1 in U.S. currency is worth a little more than a cent to a lot more than that.

But it’s the next $10 worth a lot less.

The coin is called the $1k coin and it is intended to symbolize the U.K. government’s $10 billion commitment to a fund for people affected by climate change, but some are calling it the “new $10 coin” because it’s more of a $100 coin.

The government said it’s designed to be a symbol of that commitment.

But the U to U debate has been ongoing for a while.

So what is it and why is it important?

“We’re at the point where we need to take the first step toward making a better future,” said James Hogg, chief executive officer of the Climate Change Institute, a British think tank.

“And we can’t be complacent.”

The $1 coin was unveiled on Monday, with a $1 being worth $1 and a $10 being worth just under $10.

The U.N. is expected to issue a final statement on the issue next month.