Trump’s ‘war on coal’ is ‘a massive attack’

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President Donald Trump is waging a war on coal, and that war is now a massive attack on America’s coal miners, the largest in the world.

The administration is targeting the United States’ largest coal mines and coal-mining communities, with an eye on destroying the industry’s viability and undermining its viability as a source of jobs and economic prosperity.

Trump has repeatedly targeted the mining industry and its operations and infrastructure, and he has called on coal companies to voluntarily shut down their operations.

Trump recently signed a sweeping executive order to roll back the Obama-era EPA rule on coal mining.

Coal miners have filed lawsuits against the Trump administration, including the Western States Mining Association, claiming that it is unconstitutional, and a federal judge has ruled that coal mining regulations are unconstitutional.

On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order that would roll back coal mining restrictions and roll back protections for the mining sector.

The executive order also includes a plan to close the Mine Safety and Health Administration, which is responsible for inspecting coal mines, and to eliminate the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, a landmark climate change regulation.

It also includes an order to “establish a program to eliminate and redirect $1 trillion to states to provide clean energy assistance.”

The executive orders and orders on coal miners come at a time when the coal industry has seen a dramatic rise in production and jobs, as well as the administration’s attacks on the industry.

The coal industry, which employs about 15,000 miners, employs about 13 million Americans.

The White House has said that the coal sector has seen record production gains in recent years and is forecast to grow by 9.5 percent in 2017.