Under construction: Turner construction project on track to go ahead

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Under construction is the new Turner Center in downtown Denver, where the Denver Nuggets will have a basketball arena.

The arena is scheduled to open in 2021 and seats more than 10,000 people.

The construction will begin in mid-2019 and is expected to take five to six years.

The new arena is expected be completed in 2021, according to a Denver Post report.

A few weeks ago, construction crews completed the first phase of the new arena.

Construction on the first section of the arena is slated to begin in 2019.

The second phase is expected in 2020.

The third and fourth phases are expected in 2021.

Construction is scheduled for the second phase in 2022.

The fourth and fifth phases are scheduled for 2024.

Construction will be completed by 2020, the Denver Post reported.

Construction has been delayed for years.

Construction for the Turner Center, which opened in 2020, has been stalled since 2016.

The team has been under construction since 2012.

The Denver Nuggets signed a contract in January 2020 that guaranteed the team would have a $1 billion arena in Denver by 2025.

The building was originally planned to open before 2021, but the team was forced to delay the arena construction due to a lack of money.

The Nuggets have been on the move for years and have only played once in 2017-18.

The city of Denver is currently under the watch of the state to help build the arena.

Under the deal, the state would take over all costs associated with the arena, including the land, land acquisition, and construction.

The state’s Office of Development Services will provide the city with the design, construction, and management of the complex.

The project will be managed by the city and will be overseen by the City Planning Department.