The worst things that ever happened to the House of Representatives

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A report from The Washington Post and other news outlets finds that the House has been a “disaster” in recent years, with Republicans in the majority having the most seats in the chamber.

They’re not alone.

A review of congressional records shows that the chamber has been the site of at least one major shutdown since the 1990s.

In 2018, Congress was forced to close its Capitol building after the House and Senate were unable to agree on a funding measure.

That year, the Senate had to adjourn before the House could approve a bill that had to pass both chambers in order to clear the Senate floor.

In 2019, the House held the first of several special elections that saw the Republicans take control of the House.

The next year, lawmakers tried again to shut down the House again, this time by passing a spending bill.

But when the House failed to agree, the GOP-controlled Senate went to the Senate’s chamber and forced the Senate to pass a $1.1 trillion spending bill that the White House had to sign into law.

In the last few years, Congress has been plagued by two shutdowns.

The first, in 2016, was the longest and most destructive, lasting for weeks, and left millions without electricity and running water.

But it was also the last major shutdown in the nation’s history.

The second was more of a quiet one, but was more devastating.

A new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that the 2018 shutdown hurt the economy in the short term.

The CBO report found that a $2.1 billion reduction in spending in 2019 would cost the economy $1,063 billion over the next decade.

That’s roughly $1 for every $1 in revenue that Congress received.

In 2021, that number would rise to $2,564 billion.

It’s possible that the 2020 shutdown would have had a similar effect on the economy, the CBO said, but that was the year that lawmakers failed to reach a budget agreement and the next year saw the government shutdown, which was still ongoing.

It could also have had an effect on funding for the government, as lawmakers did not have the same level of flexibility in how they spend their time.

But those are just the effects of the 2018 and 2021 shutdowns, not the lasting effects of this year’s shutdown.

In all, the government has shut down in the last seven years.

That is a big problem, says the CBO.

And it’s one that Congress and its leaders have been unable to fix.