When Zachary built his new apartment: “It’s a testament to his intelligence”

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When Zachariah built his house, he didn’t know that it would eventually be torn down to make way for a new apartment complex.

Zacharion had just purchased the old one, which was built by the same company.

Now the two houses, both of them, were standing together.

And the construction workers had been working on Zachary’s project all along.

“The building is a testament that Zachar is smart,” said Zachariel, 33, a construction worker who is also a member of the construction union.

“He didn’t go into this thinking that he was going to buy a building that was going up and not demolish it.”

When Zachariv built his apartment, he never expected to see it torn down.

He wanted to make the apartment accessible to people who couldn’t afford to live in the neighborhood.

The construction workers said they did all they could to help Zachary with the construction of his new place, but it took years of labor and money that they had to pay for in rent to make it happen.

They built a new basement, a new roof and a new bathroom.

They worked for more than five years on the project and it took them nearly $15,000 to complete the job, according to Zachario.

Zachary says they are thankful that they have a place that they can call their own.

“I never thought it would happen to me, and now it’s happening to so many people,” Zachary said.

“I never knew this was happening.

It just took time.”

Zacharion said that he never imagined he would be working on a new building for so long.

He worked for three years in the construction industry before he was offered a job with the City of New Haven as an electrician.

Zachari told The Lad that he has to thank the construction company for making the job possible.

“We have a building with so many problems and the construction is the only thing that has fixed them all,” Zacharief said.

When asked about the company, Zachariam said, “They did a fantastic job and we are thankful.”

Zakariel is not the only one who has found himself working on the side of the city.

Zachay, 25, who lives in the New Haven neighborhood of Greenwich, is also thankful for the work the construction crew has done for him.

“I was so lucky to have a job here and a chance to do this, but now I have to work as hard as the next guy,” Zachay said.

Zachary said he is not sure where he will live in five years, but he has been working for a year at a construction site in the city’s southwest.

Zachalio and Zachary are working on getting a new place together and said that they would like to move into an apartment together, but Zachary wants to keep his current home.

“My home is here, but I have a house in my own right,” Zacharia said.