How to become a construction business card (or ‘B’ card) reader

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A number of cards are being issued to card-carrying Israeli settlers who have built or renovated the homes of Palestinians in the West Bank, according to a new survey by the Palestine Card Association.

The association said the cards, which were first published by Israel’s Channel 2 news in December, were issued to about 400 Israeli-settler families.

The cards, issued in January and February, were intended for families who have paid a monthly fee for construction permits, the association said.

They are also meant for Israelis who have completed a project and have not yet returned to their homes.

In addition, some Palestinian-owned businesses in the occupied West Bank are being given new cards, the organization said.

While the cards are meant for Israeli settlers, they have also been issued to a number of Palestinians who have worked on the construction of Israeli settlements.

The association said it did not have the exact number of these projects.

The group said it does not have information on the number of Israeli settlers working on the projects.

The new cards are also aimed at those Israelis who were previously issued a “settler card” and are now in the process of moving back to their communities.

In the past, the cards have been issued for only two years, after the last settlement was destroyed in the 2014 war with Hamas.

The PA, the West’s sole international partner in the Gaza Strip, has denied it has a “no-go zone” or a “security zone” in the area.

The new cards come a month after the PA announced that it was sending troops into the occupied Palestinian territories to enforce the closure imposed by Israel after the summer war.

The soldiers have not been able to stop the construction or the demolition of Palestinian homes.

Palestinians say they have been trying to rebuild homes destroyed by Israel in the war, and that the Palestinian Authority and other groups have not provided enough funds to make the necessary repairs.

They say they will keep trying until their homes are rebuilt, and they are not sure when they will be able to do so.

The PA has so far failed to agree on a deal with Israel to rebuild some of the homes destroyed in 2014, and the PA has accused Israel of targeting Palestinians in order to prevent them from building in areas that were designated as “military zones” under the Oslo Accords.

The Palestinian Authority also accused Israel, which has a majority of the West bank, of targeting it with bulldozers, gunfire, tear gas and live fire.

The military and the IDF deny the accusations.