Construction on new homes near N.J. border raises concern about impact on floodwaters

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NEW BRUNSWICK, N.Y. — New Brunswick officials are warning about the potential impact of a new construction boom on floodwater in the state’s northeast.

The New Brunswick Department of Environmental Protection has issued a water advisory to the state from the New Brunswick Aqueduct Authority, which is the water authority for the area near New York State.

The agency says there is a potential threat of flooding for about 200 miles along the New Jersey-New Brunswick border.

The advisory includes information about flood risks along the border with New York and New Jersey, along the Cumberland River and on the Monmouth and Hudson Rivers.

It also includes the threat of severe flash flooding along the Monon Trail, the Monadnock Trail and the Cumberlands Trail.

“Due to the current condition, the risks to residents along the floodplain and the ability of water to flow from the Monctons River are high,” the advisory says.

“The risks associated with the construction of a structure along the waterway and the impact of such a structure on the surrounding property can be serious.

Residents along the project should plan to stay off the flood plain.”

It’s not yet known what will be built along the river.

The department said it will keep a close eye on flood risk along the pipeline and waterway.

The new construction, which could be as small as one or two homes, could increase the risk of flooding on the river and its tributaries, officials said.

The area is already home to some of the largest residential projects in the region, including a $2 billion project along the West Shore Parkway.