When Will Your New Construction Boots Cost $3,500?

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Clackamas County, Oregon is looking to be the first in the nation to start building a massive $3.2 billion coastal project that will create nearly 40,000 jobs and nearly 100,000 square feet of commercial space in the middle of the state.

The project will also bring a significant economic boost to the area.

The new $3 billion project will include a new hotel, retail, office and residential development on the site of the former Clark County courthouse.

It is the latest in a series of massive projects planned by Clackama County and other municipalities in Oregon to attract the world’s most talented professionals, including the world-renowned architects who designed the $1.6 billion Oregon Convention Center. 

It also means Clackampas will be one of only two counties in the U.S. with an active project that has a construction phase that is projected to cost $3 million.

The others are Portland and Bend.

Clackamas Mayor David Strain, who is the county’s chief executive, has touted the $3-billion project as a way to lure top-notch architects, designers and engineers to Clackamackas. 

“This is a massive, historic piece of land that we have built, and we need to do it right,” Strain told a Clackamside Press conference.

The project will involve a massive amount of public and private investment. “

We want to attract top talent, and it’s about creating a great place for our people to live, work and play.”

The project will involve a massive amount of public and private investment.

The county has already spent nearly $1 billion to build the county courthouse and a new jail.

Clackammacounty County is looking for about $3-$4 million more in federal grants to fund the project.

The city of Clacklamanshire, which includes the county, is spending about $600,000 to build a new park for the Clackomanshire High School football team and another $700,000 on a park.

The county has received $100 million in federal money for the project so far.

The construction phase includes $2 million for the new Clackmans Point lighthouse, and $2.5 million to construct the new jail building, Strain said. 

Clackams Point will have a new lighthouse and other facilities, including a visitor center, visitor center and a restaurant, he said.

Clacomass Point will be the site for a new recreational area for the public.

Strain said the county is also investing $3 for each ton of cement used in the construction. 

The new $4 billion project is expected to take at least five years to complete, he added. 

With the new projects coming on line, the county also has plans for a $2-million, multi-use golf course and an indoor water park. 

A $3 bill is a good starting point, said Dan Pyle, Clackamonass’ director of real estate. 

But he said that it is important to keep in mind that a project that is more than a project will be harder to scale.

“If you want to be a big developer, you can’t just do it once and build it anywhere,” he said, adding that it’s better to plan your projects in stages to ensure you can take advantage of the time and resources available to you. 

Strain is optimistic about the project’s prospects.

“This is one of those projects that has to be built and that it has to happen right now,” he told the press. 

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