Homes are in need of new construction skills

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Homes are often in need when it comes to getting construction underway.

The construction industry needs to be able to hire workers to fill the void.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) says the shortage of skilled construction workers is an area that is causing a huge number of Canadians to become homeless.

It says in 2015, more than 1,000 people in Canada were homeless.CFIB President and CEO David Lacey says the industry is looking for more skilled construction work, but the industry needs a strong workforce to take on the job.

He says if construction workers are unable to get jobs, then they will be left behind.

“We know that if they’re not getting the construction job then that creates an enormous problem.

It’s a huge job, but that’s the main thing, it’s not the only thing,” he said.

Lacey says Canada has some of the highest vacancy rates in the world.

And when construction companies can’t hire enough construction workers, it will create more housing vacancies.

He said construction companies need to invest in training their staff to be better workers.