How to fix your OSRS construction guide

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A series of simple tips on how to fix the construction guide to your OSRCs OSRS.

If you have any other questions, please post them below.1.

Check the OSRS and OSRC compatibility.

You can check the OSRCS and OSRS compatibility on the manufacturer’s website ( by using the OSRM software.2.

If the OSRC supports both sides, you can install the side that is compatible.

For example, if the side with the smaller OSRS is compatible, you may want to install the OSRL side that will be supported by the bigger OSRS3.

Check to make sure that the OSRE’s connectors are tight enough.

If not, you’ll need to remove the OS RE and remove the connectors from the sides.4.

Make sure the OSSR’s power switch is closed.

Make certain that the power switch has a short pull (not too tight).

The power switch will also close automatically when the connector is removed.5.

Remove the connector from the side of the OSRR and replace it with a new one.6.

Install the new OSRS on the OSRA side of your construction guide.

If your OSR does not have the OSRAM side installed, you will need to install a new OSRAM.7.

Check your connectors for tightness.

If there are any loose connectors, you should replace them and reassemble your OSRR.8.

Ensure that the screws that hold the OSRP and OSRE together are not too tight.

The OSRS connector should not slip or twist as it connects.9.

Connect the new connector with the old one.10.

Reassemble the OSAR.11.

Make adjustments to the OSRB connectors and connectors.