How to build a flatiron for €300 million

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Flatiron construction, which involves constructing a flat structure with an exposed steel beam that is built on top of a foundation and then bolted to a concrete slab, is a popular construction method in Ireland.

There are several different methods of construction including steel, concrete, and wood.

For €300million, a firm called Flatiron Construction has come up with a simple flat structure that has a concrete foundation.

This means that there is no need for a concrete pad or steel slab, which means the structure is more economical.

The building company says the structure has been used to build an office building, a hotel and a retail centre.

The company said that the flat structure has an extra bonus: the flat is made of the most economical steel material.

The structure has a total area of 6,858 square metres and it weighs a mere 4.7 tonnes.

The firm has also built a number of flatiron buildings for clients, including a skyscraper and a shopping centre.

Construction companies are using the flatiron to build skyscrapers in London and Singapore.

“Flatiron construction has been a global industry for decades, but the demand has been increasing over the last five years,” said Stephen Murphy, chief executive of Flatiron Development.

“Demand for flats has increased dramatically over the past decade, with the average cost of a flat in the UK rising by almost 30 per cent to €2.5m in the past year.”

Construction firms also use the flat to build houses.

In May, the company opened a new flat on the site of a former factory in Dublin.

The flat was being built as part of a new development in the city’s west.

A spokeswoman for the firm said that although the company was still in the process of putting the flat together, the project had been a success and the work has been done.

“We are very proud of this project and the team we’ve got at the company,” she said.

“It’s been a really positive experience building this new project.”