New construction homes worth more than $400,000, but with a little help from the government

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By Nick Cafardo, Associated PressPublished Aug 01, 2018 08:06:16New construction homes are being built on a huge scale in China, but some are not even built on site.

The government has been building large homes on its own land for decades and now the government is doing a lot of it.

New construction is a new type of construction that involves using existing structures to build new structures.

The construction of the homes in the northern city of Ningbo was one of the biggest new construction projects in China this year, with more than 2 million square meters (3.8 million square feet) of new homes being built.

Construction companies say they are the only ones that can build these new homes on their own land and with a minimum of government support.

There are two major types of construction, one is traditional and the other is modern.

Traditional construction involves using a traditional structure to construct a building, such as a house, and this type of building can take up to 10 years to build.

Modern construction involves building on site using modern materials and technology, such in mobile homes.

The Ningbo construction is one of those.

There is one other major construction site in Ningbo that is not built on-site, but it is very popular, and it is a major tourist attraction, so it has a lot more jobs than normal.

This site has about 200 construction workers working in it, including workers who are paid more than a million yuan ($42,000).

It is a traditional site and it was built on an old wooden house and is now a new building site.

This was done for two reasons.

First, the government decided that the old wooden building had been badly damaged in the earthquake, and the damage caused it to collapse.

Second, there is a lot going on at the site.

They built a road that connects the new site with the old one, and they also built a new road for the road.

It is an important site for people who live in Ningbu.

The construction company has been operating in Ningbei for several years.

They say they can’t build their new homes until the government takes over the old site and fixes the damaged wooden building.

This is a huge project for the city.

There are a lot in Ningbes old wooden houses that have been damaged, so we hope they can rebuild these homes, and also make a new site available for people to live in.

We hope the government can do this, and that people who are displaced can come and live in these new houses, because there is no other place like Ningbe to live.

This story was produced by the AP in Beijing, and edited by Alana Litman.