The labour shortage is not going away, says construction firm, as the number of jobs lost in Alberta continues to climb

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As Alberta’s labour market continues to tighten, construction firms are bracing for a significant labour shortage in the coming months.

Construction giant CGT Canada said on Thursday that it expects construction projects in Alberta to add a total of 15,000 jobs in 2019.

Construction firm CGT said the province’s labour shortage will increase to 11,000 by 2020.

Construction firms are also scrambling to fill vacancies for upcoming projects as part of the province-wide job creation blitz.

Last month, CGT announced that it had signed a contract with Calgary-based builder Conseil to create 150 construction jobs for a new $2.5-billion oil and gas facility on the border with Saskatchewan.

The company is currently looking for a contractor for the project.

Construction companies are also bracing to find jobs for workers coming off the unemployment line in coming months as the province ramps up construction of new pipelines to supply the oil and natural gas sector.

“Our job market has been very strong for the last couple of years, but we’re still going through a period where we are experiencing a downturn in the job market,” said Jim Fergus, vice president and general manager of Conseille.

“This is going to continue to impact the construction industry and we need to anticipate that, to continue the growth of our business and the growth in our workforce.”

Construction companies have been hiring since late April as the provincial government ramped up construction projects and ramped back labour numbers.

Alberta’s construction industry has been hit hard by the oil price downturn, and the province has faced a surge in job cuts.

The number of construction jobs fell to 7,600 last month from 9,700 in March, according to the province.