What You Need to Know About Construction in New York

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In New York City, the construction industry is booming.

The city is home to a number of new high-rise projects in which the buildings are being constructed by contractors.

Here are some of the most notable ones.

Construction workers take part in a drill at a construction site in Manhattan, New York.

Getty Images 1/10 Construction workers make a hole through a brick wall at a project in Manhattan.

Getty 2/10 A construction worker works at a new apartment building in Manhattan in 2014.

Getty 3/10 People walk past a construction worker at a development in Brooklyn, New Jersey in 2013.

Getty 4/10 New York construction workers work at a site in Queens, New NY, in 2014 Getty 5/10 An apartment building sits in a construction zone in Brooklyn in 2013, as part of the development of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Casino.

Getty 6/10 The Grand Hyatts hotel and casino in New Jersey is located in a development area of the city of Jersey City.

Getty 7/10 Workers at a work site in the Queens borough of New York make repairs to a section of the Brooklyn Bridge in 2013 Getty 8/10 Employees at a hotel construction site make repairs at the Grand Hotel and the Palazzo di Fiore in New London, New England, in 2013 REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz 9/10 More than 5,000 people worked on the construction site of the proposed Grand HyATT hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2012 Getty 10/10 This photo shows a worker working on the Grand Palace Hotel in a building project in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 2011.

Getty 1/12 A worker at the New York Construction and Engineering Union Union (NYCEU) Union Square site in New Brunswick, New Brunswick in 2012.

Getty/Andrew Harrer 2/12 Workers at the NYCEU Union Square construction site work on the New Brunswick Port Authority Tunnel project in 2013 Reuters/Kevin Lamarque 3/12 Construction workers work on a section near a construction area in New Hampshire in 2013 and 2014.

The workers have been building the project for more than five years.

Gettys 4/12 People walk through a construction hole through an apartment building at a New York property site in 2014 REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi 5/12 This image shows workers at a building site in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood in 2013 after construction crews were ordered to work in the dark.

Getty 10.

The Grand Hotel is being built in New Madrid, New Mexico.

It will house a casino and hotel, according to Bloomberg.

Reuters/Joe Raedle 1/11 Construction workers put a steel barrier around the construction of a section in New Brooklyn, Brooklyn in 2014 Reuters/Stephen Chernin 2/11 A worker is seen in New New York, New Britain, in a truck in 2013 AP 3/11 Workers work on construction equipment at a Manhattan construction site.

The work has been going on for more then five years in the city.

Reuters 4/11 New York workers work in a site at a Brooklyn construction site, New Orleans in 2014 AP 5/11 This photo is of a worker at work at the construction project at the Palatiale de la Conseil, a new luxury hotel, in New Mexico in 2014 EPA 6/11 The Grand Palace hotel and casinos in New NJ is located on a development of Manhattan.

The project is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

EPA 7/11 People walk by a construction job site at the site of a planned development in Manhattan REUTERS/Andrew Harrington 8/11 An employee works on a portion of a construction project in Brooklyn Reuters/Jessica Riada 9/11 More than 6,000 workers were involved in the project.

Getty 9/12 New York state Senator Ruben Diaz is pictured during a visit to a construction work site at Grand Hy-Beats in New Kensington, New Kens