When will the US and China start building a giant air-conditioning system?

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The US has been working on a big air-con system for years.

China has had similar plans for years, but they are still at a relatively early stage.

But now, there are signs of something big happening. 

The first sign came earlier this month when the Chinese government approved a new air-condensation-control plan for major airports and other facilities, according to Reuters. 

China’s announcement on Monday said the system would be up and running by 2021 and would be used for “air conditioning and other functions”.

The Chinese plan said it would allow for air-consumption of around 60% of the country’s demand by 2025, a figure that has not been confirmed by the US.

China’s plan also said that the air-cooling system would use a system that uses a water-cooled turbine and will have a capacity of 2,500MW.

The air-to-air and air-sea-based systems that China has been using for years have a range of functions, including heating and cooling, air conditioning and heating, power, communication, and communication control.

But the air cooling system in China is not part of the US-China air-warfare partnership.

The US-Chinese alliance has been an important element of the air war effort in Afghanistan, where the US has fought a protracted air war with Pakistan and China has waged a war of attrition.

US officials have said that US forces are expected to stay in Afghanistan for about a year, but China is building up air defenses on its own.