When will the 2018 season be over?

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When will it be over, that is.

A year from now, that will have to be the most important question.

The NRL will have two seasons to go in the 2018 and 2019 seasons, and in 2018 the NRL will host the grand final.

That’s the one thing the NRL can say confidently: we’re in the final year of the current arrangement.

But, like all sports, there’s more to the story.

The next two seasons are very important for the future of the game.

The big question is when?

There’s a real danger that the NRL might find itself back in the same predicament as the AFL in 2021 and 2022, where they play the same game twice.

Both leagues have had their final season, but in 2018 there’s no certainty of a final final in 2019.

So, the big question: when will it all be over and the next season begin?

That’s a big, big question.

There are four main reasons why the NRL could end up with two final seasons.

The first reason is the AFL has had its first two.

The AFL had a very strong season in 2017, and the grand finals were one of the highlights of the season.

But in 2018, the finals will be the only reason the NRL’s season ends.

If the NRL wants to keep the AFL on the road to a finals appearance, then the NRL must be in the position of having to play the grand finalists twice.

So it would be very difficult for the NRL to win a finals series without the grandfinal, and that’s not the way the AFL would like it.

The second reason for the second season is the NRL would like to get the AFL into the finals as soon as possible.

The league could play games in September, but the grandfinals would only be played on a Friday, which would create a long wait.

The third reason for having two seasons is the league would need to start the year with a series of grand finals, and then it would need a series in the first week of October.

This would be a much longer wait than a year from today, and there would be little chance of a return to the grand finale.

So there’s a lot to consider.

How can the NRL get a final season?

The NRL can make a number of changes to the current structure.

One is that the grand Final would be held on the last Friday of October in 2019, which is in line with the AFL’s long-standing practice.

Another change would be that the AFL could make a change to the structure of the grandFinal so that it can be held as soon after the grand Finals as possible, or after the finals.

That would mean that the Grand Final could be played as early as mid-October.

The last thing the league wants to do is to wait until October to play in a finals, because that would put pressure on the finals series.

It also means the Grand Finals could be postponed or shortened.

The final two seasons of the NRL, in 2018 and 2022 will be played at ANZ Stadium in Sydney.

There will be no grand final on a Sunday this year.

The reason is that this year’s grand final will be at ANR Stadium, and it’s difficult to get to the ground without taking an interstate train.

So the NRL needs to find a way to make the grand game as quick as possible on Sundays.

And there’s another possibility: the NRL may have to postpone the grand FINALs.

If that happens, it would mean the NRL has to play three finals series on the same weekend.

So if the NRL is forced to play a grand final two weeks after the AFL, the grand total will be down to four finals series from four.

The next big change would see the AFL and NRL have to make a deal about the future structure of their games.

The agreement is not done, but it’s likely to be made in the next few weeks, according to sources close to the talks.

The talks have been going on for months and the NRL won’t be able to do anything until the agreement is finalised.

If it’s a compromise, it will give the AFL a chance to play games on Sundays, because there’s the added benefit of getting the AFL games out of the way of the Grand final.

And if the deal is a concession, it’ll give the NRL the chance to continue playing on Sundays without disrupting the grand.

But there are still other ways the NRL and the AFL can make the arrangement work.

If one or the other side does not agree to the arrangement, then there will be two or three weeks between the two games.

That is probably where the most drama will be.