A little-known tech company has won a $25m award to develop a 3D printed housing for homeless people in New York City

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A new 3D-printed housing project for the homeless in New Orleans has received a $5m federal grant to develop the design and build the structure.

The HUD-funded Housing First Foundation will be able to use the money to build two units in the New Orleans area.

The housing will provide temporary housing for those who can’t find permanent housing, but will also be affordable for those with limited means, according to the project’s website.

It is part of the $25bn US Housing First programme to provide low-income housing for more than 1.4 million people living in emergency shelters.

The project, which was announced by HUD last year, will build three buildings that will be available for rent for about $4 per square foot.

Housing First is a private sector initiative that funds projects that provide affordable housing, primarily for people in low- and moderate-income households, for low-wage workers and others who need to make a transition to the job market.

The first two buildings will be located at the site of the former Metairie Park Zoo, in Louisiana, and the third building will be built in Manhattan’s West Village, the site where the Metairia Zoo once stood.

In 2016, Housing First awarded a $2.5m grant to a 3-D printer startup called 3DPrint, which has since expanded into creating housing for the elderly and disabled.