Engineers get $150K ‘reward’ for building $1M robot

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Google engineer James Gorman received a $150,000 bonus last year for building the $1 million, seven-legged, “futuristic” robot.

Gorman worked at Google’s Advanced Robotics Laboratory and worked on the project with another Google engineer, John O’Brien, before he joined Google last year.

O’Briens salary and Google’s position in the project have not been disclosed.

Gormans salary also includes an incentive payment.

Google said in a statement that it “reluctantly” decided to pay him the bonus.

“While it is too soon to know if the award was a result of the work he and his colleagues did, we believe that this is an appropriate compensation,” the company said.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with James on this project and to be able to reward him with this award.”

Google’s announcement of the bonus comes as the company’s stock price has continued to plummet.

Its stock has dropped as much as 40% since January, with many analysts forecasting it will drop below $20 per share.