The real deal with Google’s ‘self-driving car’

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The latest version of Google’s self-driving cars will be able to travel around a city in just a few minutes if it’s not too busy.

The company has released an update to the car’s “driver-assist” system that will now let the car keep itself moving when the driver is distracted, rather than having to be alert.

The latest update is called “Autopilot”, and it’s meant to make the cars safer for people in the future, but it will also make them easier for developers to create.

The update is currently only available to people who have already used the cars to work in the city, but the company has promised to add more to its suite of software in the near future.

Autopilots will also be able see other vehicles around, so developers can use their own sensors to give the cars some visibility, such as a car’s radio antennae.

If that’s not enough, the update is also adding a way to automatically turn off Autopilot when the car is stopped at a stop sign.

That way, drivers can still take control if they need to.

“This will allow the driver to get back into the car to take over when there is no one else around,” the company said.

Google says it’s adding this feature because it “hasn’t seen a compelling case for an autonomous car in the US”.

That’s not a bad position to be in.

In 2016, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the US was “only” on track to have an autonomous vehicle by 2021.

That prediction has changed, however, thanks to a new study published in The Journal of Transportation Safety that looked at the progress of US road and traffic safety research over the past decade.

It found that between 2012 and 2016, US road deaths had fallen by a whopping 70 per cent.

And it noted that in the same period, research in the field of advanced driver assistance systems had advanced from “near zero” to “high level”.

So, in some ways, it seems like the US has been moving in the right direction on road safety.

But it’s important to remember that progress is slow.

And that could be because some people still don’t want to be behind the wheel.

Some people are also worried about the impact of autonomous cars on traffic.

So, Google has released another update to its software, and it also says it will add a way for people to turn off the Autopilot feature if they feel distracted.

So that’s a positive step, and while it’s a step in the wrong direction, it’s one that will make it easier for people and developers to develop these cars in the long term.

It’s also important to note that the new version of Autopiler will only work with the latest version, and not the one that was released a few months ago.

So there is still plenty of work to do.

But if you’re a car driver, you’ll probably like this update.

The full Google update will be available on December 9th, and the full Google cars will hit the road on January 31st.