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Why do we need more of this

article article The reason why the majority of new homes built in the U.S. are in the last 10 years i

New construction homes worth more than $400,000, but with a little help from the government

By Nick Cafardo, Associated PressPublished Aug 01, 2018 08:06:16New construction homes are being buil

Homeowners will be able to apply for construction loans under new scheme

New Homeowners Association (HOA) is looking to boost the number of people on its loan scheme to 5,000

Construction site construction managers salaries rise in 2017

Construction site managers earn on average 5.8 times more than other construction workers in the UK a

How to build a swimming pool for your house

A little construction is all it takes to make a swimming pond in your home.First, build a little pool

Building the future of a world without cars: New study says transport infrastructure needs to go mobile

Google’s research suggests that building a sustainable transport network is no longer just a sc

How did we get to this point? – Alan Johnson

The word “fraudulent” has become synonymous with fraud.But how did we come to this?A lot

Homes are in need of new construction skills

Homes are often in need when it comes to getting construction underway.The construction industry need

Home Construction Loans: How Much Will You Pay?

You might think the mortgage-interest-free loans you get from the bank for the house you bought would

‘You’re making a big mistake’: ‘Build it, they will come’

Construction crane contractor John Zagami says he’s seen a lot of people build new homes in New